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1. Introduction
Job design theory is an important concept in business management. The way a job is designed affects employee work performance. It is crucial that organizations create an environment where workers are motivated by jobs in which they feel challenged but at the same time, their work goes with the objectives of the company. Designing jobs properly will cause a positive impact on motivation, performance, and job satisfaction on those who perform them (Moorhead and Griffin, 1998). According to the hierarchical scheme of five basic needs of A. H. Maslow, people need to stay alive, to be safe, to be with others, to be respected and to do work that corresponds to our gifts and abilities (Bittel and Newstrom, 1990). Based
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The main areas of responsibilities are the most important part of the job description because it will provide to the company and to the applicant a detailed explanation of the skills and responsibilities to accomplish within the company and the costumers.

Example3: According to an article in The Times, Professor Christopher Bones answered a question about how precise job definitions and measures of success are vital. He explained that organizations Human Resources (HR) function should ensure that the employee’s role is well-defined and can be measured. The principal point being that it is really important for companies to detail role profiles, and within the outline must be the job’s tasks and responsibilities. (Christopher Bones, Precise job definitions and measures of success are vital, The Times, 15 October 2008)

4. Methods of colleting job information
According to Ferris, et al. (2002, p. 216 - 228), there are different methods that HR managers can use in order to collect job analysis information. These methods include:
1. Questionnaires
2. Interviews with the job incumbents
3. Observation
4. Observation by job analysts
5. Diaries kept by job incumbents

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