Job Enrichment And An Organization

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Job enrichment can be defined as the process by which jobs are redesigned for workers so that they can be in control of their duties and also perform more tasks to develop personal skills. An important aspect of job enrichment is job redesign and it deals with the modification of the tasks assigned to workers in an organization. The case study that will be analyzed for Job enrichment theory in this paper is the expanded HIM functions.

In order to fully employ Job enrichment in an organization, the motivational goals must be put in place. Goal setting is a medium in which managers can help to motivate workers to be more efficient while performing their tasks. While redesigning jobs for HIS department workers, the SMART goal setting principles was applied. The Smart goal is the acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. All these characteristics are evident in the goals, cut out by the management of the HIS department in the bid of motivating the workers and increasing productivity. HIS set its goals in four levels, the engineering goals, restructuring goals, work redesign goals and job redesign goals. The engineering goals were set to analyze the visions, regulations and organizational structure. The restructuring goals will reevaluate the organizational structure. Work redesign goals also reevaluate the tasks assigned to the workers and the job redesign were set to remove, add or restructure the tasks assigned to the workers. The goals set was
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