Job Enrichment And Motivation Within His Departments Essay

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Job Enrichment and Motivation within HIS Departments
Every year since 1987, the Conference Board has conducted a job satisfaction survey of the
American workforce. In 2010, 52.3% of the 1,673 Americans polled stated they were unhappy at work, compared with 61.1% of workers, 30 years ago who said they liked their jobs (Adams, 2014, paras. 1, 2 & 11). These statistics illustrate the challenge managers’ face in motivating employees.
Research conducted on the Health Information Services (HIS) departments noted that the pressure that industry professionals are under to work harder and smarter while recognizing that working harder is not a long term solution, and focus needs to be put on working smarter (Layman, 2011, paras. 1-3).
Goal Setting
Goals alone do not necessarily motivate people; however “Accumulating research evidence indicates that effective goals are SMART. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely” (Carpenter, Taylor & Erdogan, 2009, p. 337). Layman’s report identifies some common problems within the HIS departments, along with their proposed solution and potential actions, two of which I have analyzed below to assess how to apply a SMART goal to the potential action.
Problem and Potential Action: To counter “Boredom, careless errors, tardiness, absenteeism and low morale” it is possible to “redistribute tasks so work is concurrent or unit rather than serial”
(Layman, 2011, para. 30). Specific:…
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