Job Enrichment, Job Enlargement, Or Job Rotation

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In the case study presented, a number of recommendations are presented to HIM leaders to assist in increased productivity by navigating the tasks of job enrichment, job enlargement, or job rotation. Layman (n.d.) explains the primary objective of this case study is to assist HIM leaders through this process in order to achieve the main goal of “working smarter”. Throughout this exercise, HIM leaders are encouraged to first identify the changes impacting the effective management of health records. Layman (n.d.) identifies that changes such as sector changes, organizational changes, and employee perceptions must be factored in prior to setting any goals for what changes are required, how they will impact staff, and what the outcomes of these changes will be. For example, I was part of the IT team at a hospital where we implemented a new electronic medical record system to replace the process of paper medical records. During that transition, the leadership in the HIM department needed to completely redesign the workflows of each of their functional roles in the department. In the process, these leaders set clear goals to confirm every workflow was addressed and redesigned, each role was evaluated and redesigned, and to put measures in place to ensure all compliance and regulatory issues were addressed, maintained, and evaluated on a regular basis. Considering the significant change to workflow between paper and electronic medical record keeping, many of the roles were
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