Job Enrichment Within The Nursing Profession

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Job Enrichment in the Nursing Profession Employee motivation and job satisfaction are intertwined in ways that have implications for organizational performance. Motivation has been explained as a goal oriented behaviour involving a course of action leading to the attaining of a reward (Armstrong, 2006) and as the energy that compels individuals to act persistently toward some goal (Berman, Bowman, West & Wart, 2010). Within the framework of the present study, the consideration of satisfaction and motivation together lead to the concept of job enrichment – initiatives for impacting employees ' experiences of job satisfaction such that their experience and performance are improved. The concept of job enrichment emerges from Herzberg 's theory, as employees ' higher order needs should be the focus of organizational leaders interested in improving motivation. These include giving employees more control, responsibility, and permission to use their own discretion in order to get good results (Raza and Nawaz, 2011; Uduji, 2013). When this method is being applied, employees are more often entrusted with responsibility, given opportunities to experience a sense of achievement, opportunities for growth, appropriate recognition, a higher level of professional autonomy, more importance, more control, and the ability to influence the work place circumstances and practices (Yasdani, Yaghoubi, Giri, 2011). These characteristics suggest a very specific characteristic of human nature
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