Job Enrichment and Growth Satisfaction

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The study being presented is a Group Project by MS students of Management Sciences. The aim of the project is to study relationship between Job Enrichment and the Growth Satisfaction. The study is based on the Job Characteristic theory and the main characteristics used as independent variables of the Job Enrichment are; Task Significance, Task Identity and the Skill Variety, whereas, Task Meaningfulness has been used as the Intervening Variable. As the study under discussion involves prediction of relationship among various Job characteristics, the simple as well as multiple regression modeling techniques using SPSS were employed for the testing of various Hypothesis. Non availability of expertise on SOBLE testing and
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Motivation development is through many of the sources providing external as well as internal aspects if we focus on the internal aspects then recognition might one of the important factors and this is realized when the employer evaluates the employee on his tasks regularly on the other hand recognition is also through the fact that responsibility is added to the defined tasks of the employees in a way recognizing the importance of employees indirectly by enriching the job. Resulting output would be improved output and motivation development although this might not be always a necessary case at times enrichment might not be a success factor and may be a failure. This attempt has shown both types of results and we after studying core ten empirical studies literature review we conclude the following studies proving how successful job enrichment has been, although our study focuses on one of the initial theories of Job Characteristics Model. Only five factors out of the original model of Hackman & Oldham have been selected as clarified in the Theoretical Framework. We categorize our literature review according to different prospects of findings based on Job Enrichment as a motivation factor.
The central figure in developing the theory of job enrichment within the framework of organizational behavior was Frederick Herzberg who’s pivotal “Hygiene Theory” has contributed a solid basis and

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