Job Entry Essay

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Entry 5: As I was roaming around the streets of New York, I decided to inspect the job card to understand where the shop is. Whilst I was heading towards my location, my eyes had gazed off into the direction of a hotel complex within the city centre, with prices from $150 per night. I thought to myself, if my payment at the mechanics is profitable, there could be a possibility that I could afford living at the hotel. I continuously roamed the streets of New York, until I reached my destination. The man was quite kind and had been informed by my friend that I was coming. He had told me that usually we would put you through an enrolment phase, but due to your current circumstance, I will let you begin immediately. He had also told me that I…show more content…
I say good morning to the early worker, as I begin walking out the door. After another quite substantially long walk, I had finally arrived. As the day continued, I was repairing the same parts and the same vehicles over and over again. Although it got quite repetitive, the work I was putting in was definitely worth it. As the day came to an end, I had gotten my pay, and had decided to travel back to the hotel. However, on the walk back, I had noticed that the post office was only a street away from my hotel. I had then decided to make a quick trip to the post office. I had kindly asked the lady at the counter if it was possible to send money through to my partner in Mexico. She had told me that the transaction is possible, however, only if the money you’re sending is below $1000. I had only wanted to send $100 per day, as that is just below half my pay. I had told her that I would like to send $100 per week for the next week until I leave. She had told me that the transaction could be completed, and that she would just need the money for this payment. I had given her the $100 to send to my house address, then left for the hotel. Once arriving at the hotel, I had asked the lady at checkout if I could pay for my room tonight. She told me because I had made a reservation, that I was free to roam around my room for the next week. I handed her the money, then I had gotten sent up the elevator in the
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