Job Evaluation and Job Structured Essay

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Job Evaluation and Job Structured JOB A Deli -Bakery Clerk Team Member This job requires excellent customer relations skills, clear and effective communication, and cooperation with fellows. Responsible for preparing, processing, packaging, and stocking products according to Whole Foods Standards. This job requires some deli experience and the proper use of knives, slicer, trash compactor, baler and all other equipment used during food preparation and cleanup. This job also involves following the supervisor’s requests and doing them in timely manners. JOB B Cashier Team member This job requires operating cash register and assisting customers with purchases and providing a prompt, efficient, and courteous customer experience. Keep…show more content…
Communicate and maintain Team Member safety and security standards. Help train Team Members in other department if needed and performs all duties and responsibilities of grocery team member. JOB G Prepared Food Assistant Team Leader Assistant This job requires reporting directly to Prepared Foods Team Leader. A Prepared Food Assistant will be responsible for hiring, development and termination as well as communicating and maintaining Team Member safety and security standards and follow and comply with all applicable health and sanitation procedures. Another responsibility includes inventory management. JOB H Store Regional Manager Team Leader The Store Team Leader will lead, assist and support each store team leader while being accountable for all department operations. A Store Team Leader is also responsible to evaluate customer service performance and resolve complaint and responsible for profitability, expense control, buying-merchandising, regulatory compliance, and special projects as assigned. JOB I Stock Assistant Team Assistant This role will include setting and maintaining attractive Prepared Foods displays, maintenance of the stocks in the shelves and keeping the area clean and organize. Comply with all applicable safety regulations and provide excellent customer service. Leaders Process, Techniques and Factors The

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