Job Evaluation for a Human Resource Manager

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Job evaluation for a Human Resource Manager Job evaluation is a systematic approach used for defining the relative value or worth or size of job or duties and responsibilities in an organization in order to establish internal relativity and provide the base for designing an equitable grade structure, grading jobs in the structure and managing relativities. In this case study, I will evaluate the performance of a Human Resource Manager. A Human Resource Manager is the individuals who help in employee staffing and helping in guiding the organization towards the goal achievement in the organization. In job evaluation of the human resource manager the factors which are used in the process of job evaluation include; key responsibilities, the qualification that is needed for a candidate to be considered a human resource manager. The human resource responsibilities are divided into three i.e. staffing, employee compensation, and defining /job designing. The human resource manager performed the staffing process which was considered valid. the process of staffing which was done by the human resource manager involved proper manning of the structure of the organization by use of proper and effective selection, performance appraisals and development of the personnel to assign them to their tasks /workforce. The staffing processes which were done also involved recruitment, appraisals and the employee development through training and development including the compensation of the
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