Job Fair Assignment : Johnson And Johnson

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Caitlin Cline ENGR 1315-003 Job Fair Assignment 19 September 2016 Instructor: Joseph B. Dannemiller Johnson and Johnson is a very well known brand name, which many people connect to medical and hygiene products such as soaps. To fulfill a lot of their projects and designs, engineers are needed. Most of the engineers that they hire are mechanical to work on machinery and manufacturing, industrial to streamline production and manufacturing, and chemical to know the essence of their products. Johnson and Johnson also hire biomedical engineers, which would be any number of bachelors degrees carried on into a hire level. Seeing as Johnson and Johnson are a medical and hygiene based company, a lot of the projects the engineers’ work on would involve making sure that products are manufactured in their safest and most effective way possible. Some of the projects that they have highlighted are the utilization of new and innovative technology to improve body systems, such as the circulatory system. They are also creating new technology to replace joints and replicate human organs. Engineers are also in charge of making sure that pharmaceuticals are created and sold safely and efficiently. Because of their large contribution in these projects, Johnson and Johnson would be considered a large contributor to the medical industry. The company is based out of more than 60 countries and has a headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Cummins is a very
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