Job Negotiation Dynamics Of A Recent Interview With Dell

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The intent of this paper is to focus on the job negotiation dynamics of a recent interview with Dell for a Support Services Global Product Manager position in Aliso Viejo. The initial interview took place via telephone with a follow-on (in person) interview scheduled in two weeks. This paper will address the preparatory steps taken with respect to the pre-job negotiation, job negotiation, and post-mortem job negotiation stages of the initial interview. Pre-job negotiation preparation consisted of an analysis of the hiring manager’s BATNA, interests, issues, and (salary) reservation point. Not only did I leverage online research material (i.e.,, and UCI’s catalyst system), but also organizational insight from an EMBA alumnus who currently works at this Dell location. The alumnus provided details regarding Dell-related interests, issues, and corporate strategy. I combined this acumen with that of online resources to create both my planning document and weighted scoring system tools. The first tool created was my planning document which helped define my interests and issues [e.g. salary, salary raise (annual), vacation time, retirement package, performance bonus, and insurance coverage], the priority rankings for my issues, and my preferences for each of the positions (Exhibit A). The secondary intent of the planning document was to reveal the hiring manager’s probable preferences with respect to interests and issues (e.g. hiring and keeping

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