Job Opportunities for Women During World War Ii

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Job Opportunities for Women during World War II

During World War II there were many job opportunities for women. The war opened new doors during a time of depression. As husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers went to fight in the war the women went to work at factories, offices, and even on military bases. These women went to work in paying jobs that were usually for men. Many women became journalists, photographers and broadcasters. They were covering the biggest story ever, the men that were at war and the women that were at home doing the man’s work. Women even joined the military. They were not put in front line positions but they did important jobs and many lost their lives. During the war it was not only the white
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Most of us know of the famous poster of Rosie the Riveter. She made women all over the world think that they could be just like her. She was sexy and strong and had the words “We Can Do It!”, which were very empowering words. Rosie the Riveter was just one of many advertisements that were used during the war to get women to join the workforce. Advertising for women to get a war job was so common. Good lighting and unique posing, along with sexiness to intrigue women to join the work force was just one technique used. The pictures showed women working on planes, engines and other machinery. The pictures however were very misleading. They were of women wearing makeup, and jewelry and with their hair worn loosely so that it could get caught in machinery. These pictures were very misleading of the real work that women would be doing.[2] As part of recruiting efforts posters were put everywhere, however none of them portrayed women of color. They all were of young, beautiful, white women. The reason they say for white women is because they targeted women’s magazines that white women would read and news papers. They also made it seem like it was the woman’s patriotic duty to go to work.[3] Most people would think that something like marketing is a new thing however these slogans and posters are proof that they knew what to say to pull women in to the workforce. Some of the posters asked women to get

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