Job Opportunity At A Local Summer Camp Or Afterschool Program

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After completing a degree in the field of education, there are many avenues that the certified educator can now pursue. One often-overlooked job opportunity is staff at a local summer camp or afterschool program. Although this option is far less structured than the typical school setting, there is often an educational aspect included in the program. As a result, teachers can be considered a valuable addition to the environment. However, because this is a much more relaxed atmosphere, the lines between personal and professional can easily be blurred. It is important as an employer and employee to understand what is ethical and what is not ethical in the specific workplace you are immersed in. Jane was a summer camp counselor at Girls Incorporated over the summer of 2015. Throughout the nine-week program, Jane worked with the oldest group of girls, consisting of ten to fifteen year olds. As the summer progressed, Jane became extremely close to her campers, often going above and beyond the call of duty to make their summer enjoyable. Once the summer comes to completion, some of the girls decided to add Jane as a friend of Facebook. Jane accepted their friend requests, fully aware that it was against Girls Inc. policy for current and former staff to be friends with campers on any social media platform. The following summer, Jane asks her former employer for her job back for the 2016 session. Jane’s boss decided not to hire her again due to her breach in contract. There are

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