Job Organization

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Understanding the different jobs in an organization is essential. Each employee should render the maximum contribution he is capable of making. For him to be able to do so, the tasks must be divided into jobs that can be performed effectively and also provide a source of satisfaction to the persons who are assigned to them. The tasks establishing the duties and responsibilities and standards for each job within an organization, therefore, is a most important of human resource management.

The job is the smallest unit into which the activities of an enterprise are divided. Jobs that are similar in terms of work performed and the qualifications that they require of employees may be grouped into
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2. To learn the methods and mechanics of analyzing the different jobs in the organization. 3. To understand the importance of knowing the duties, responsibilities and requirements of each job as a tool in employee selection and hiring and in appraising the employees performance in the job and many other use.


• To know the duties of each job by studying its requirements in terms of skills, efforts, responsibilities and working conditions. • To serve as a guide in the recruitment, selection, placement and counseling of employees. • To serve as a basis for job evaluation and wage and salary administration. A job analysis serves as a good basis for evaluating or classifying jobs so that workers can be compensated equitably on the basis of the skills required, the complexity of duties and responsibilities involved and other requirements of the job. The job descriptions and specifications are the bases of job evaluation and the setting of fair and equitable wages and salaries. • To develop channels of promotion and transfer along lines determined by the duties, responsibilities, job requirements and working conditions. These are tools that make job placement more effective. • To help in the counseling and handling of grievances since a job analysis indicates the duties and responsibilities inherent in the various positions in the firm, it is an important tool in employee counseling and in the settlement of
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