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25 October 2011
Case Study of Elton Mayo George Elton Mayo was born on Boxing Day (December 26), 1880, in Adelaide, Australia and lived until 1949. ( Mayo was the oldest son of George Gibbs Mayo and Henrietta may. He has an extensive list of schools where he received education, starting with the Queen’s School and Collegiate School of St. Peter. Following that Mayo, attended the University of Adelaide and Universities in Edinburgh and London where he lost his interest in pursuing a career in medicine. Starting in 1903 he moved back and forth between London and Adelaide where he held jobs as a writer, English teacher, and became a partner in a printing company. Then in 1907, still not finding his calling in life he went
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A large number of employees’ were selected and they were first asked direct questions that were important to managers about their working conditions, opinions of work, and supervision. From this they saw that the answers given to each question was guarded so they began to use an indirect approach by merely listening to what the employee had to say and confirmed the theory of social factors playing a major role in boosting moral motivation and workers productivity. Explain the results of the Bank Wiring Test Room Experiment. What conclusions can be drawn? It was comprised of fourteen workers and was used to develop a new method of observation and obtaining more information about social groups in a company and trying to find causes that restrict output. What they saw was that each individual worker had the ability to restrict output and the group developed its own standards of production that fell short of management goals. Also that individual output remained constant over a period of time and informal groups play an important role in the working organization. Elaborate on the 7 summary points at the end of the case. What can we learn from these and how are they used in business management today? Mayo summed up his experiments by saying business organization is basically a social system and economic incentives are not the best motivating tool because the employee can be motivated by
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