Job Plan For A Career Plan

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"A career is defined by a sequence of positions, opportunities and windows that open and close" says Alain Gosselin, Professor and Associate Director of Executive Education and leaders at HEC Montreal. This is why it may be useful to have a plan and update it if necessary. Often absorbed in their everyday life, students have trouble taking time to breathe and plan their week, not to talk about building a career plan. However, it is necessary to not wait until you are limited to think about it. Even though it was not appreciated in the past, the issue of labor mobility has now become an asset for executives. Today, someone who has acquired multiple experiences in several industries will be valued for his skills. Similarly, someone who has lived in many countries will be the resource person to support the implementation of a local agency. Contrary to what some may think, having a career plan does not betray an inordinate ambition. "In some cases, it is even the trigger to find a better balance between family life and professional life. In this sense, a career plan has become necessary refocus on strategic choices. For a long time, I have been passionate about new technologies. Before beginning my bachelor, I was already interested in network systems. I even completed a Cisco system administrator certificate and taught the subject for one year. Additionally, since my childhood, I have always thought about creating my own company and I have a tantrum for helping people. Above
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