Job Position Management : Managing Job Positions Essay

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About Managing Job Positions in Workday HCM
Workday HCM (Human Capital Management) provides a complete solution for managing job positions and position-related information in an organization. When the duties, responsibilities, and job details change less frequently than the employees in certain departments or the entire organization, companies can use Workday HCM to organize human resource information by position. You can attach job information to positions, such as job titles, job names, and the earliest date to hire employees. Since positions are not based on employees, you can track positions regardless of whether employees currently fill those positions or not. Managers and the HR (human resources) department can track jobs as subsets of job families and job profiles. The position management feature is particularly useful for fairly static organizations that have well-established job positions with fixed responsibilities, for example, a public agency or a hospital.
About the Job Position Management Process
The process to manage job positions and position-related information consists of the following steps:
1. Define the job group code required for managing job positions.
A job group code is a code used to group jobs that fall under the same category.
With job families, you see a high-level view of the job group, a group category for related jobs. Job families will be used to group job profiles and job positions. For example, a job group might be "Analyst."

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