Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards

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Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment PSY 320 Job Redesign and Assessment Goal setting is an important aspect of motivational techniques. A business that sets goals or has an employee set accomplishment goals will have more productivity that than those who do not set goal. The following paper is a look into the writer’s job and its system of goal setting, performance evaluation, and workplace reward system in regards to job satisfaction. Major components, tasks, and responsibilities of the job will be identified. The writer will discuss current company-wide rewards and examine and evaluate if the rewards are effective in motivating employees. Finally, how goals are used at the company in regards to the specific job will be…show more content…
On occasion, when a craftsmen can prove themselves an asset by continually producing high quality work and shows enthusiasm with learning new things, they can earn pay raises. The rewards, or lack of rewards, are not helpful for motivating behavior for this position. With nothing to strive for but a weekly paycheck, or keeping a job, there is nothing happening in this company that can motivate employees to perform above and beyond for the managers. How Goals Are Used AMC‘s goals for craftsmen are solely based on when furniture is due. That is as far as craftsmen need to plan and as far as they are giving the opportunity to know something. For the position of craftsmen, that is all that is needed to know as far as goals are concerned. Schedules are made around when items are supposed to be sent out to the customer, so craftsmen goals are made so that the finisher has enough time to sand and spray the furniture before it goes. Customers to AMC are asked for a deposit in order to start the job. This money is used to purchase materials and pay for part of the craftsmen’s time to construct. The rest of the money is collected before the furniture is installed. Once the customer has paid, we are then obligated to expedite
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