Job Reflection

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The book of Job is the testimony of a man named Job. Job was very wealthy and walked an upright and blameless life (sparknotes). God spoke well about Job and when Satan overheard, he challenged to make Job’s life miserable in order to ruin Job’s walk with God. One bad event after another, Job struggled with his faith. His family and friends tried to console but all that they were doing is making Job’s life more difficult and frustrating. Despite Job’s family and friends, Job begins to question God’s ways because he does not understand what he did to deserve suffering. As time goes on he slowly becomes sarcastic, impatient, afraid and believes God is unjust. Before Job drifts farther from God, he meets a man named Elihu. Elihu speaks wisdom to Job and makes him realize there is something good that comes out of suffering. After Job’s discussion with Elihu, God calls to Job to show him how little he knows about creation and His power. When Job regains his confidence in God, he claims God as almighty. When Job is translated into Hebrew, it means “boYa” or “to come back”, “repent”, or “returns to”. The author of the book of Job is unknown, thought researchers say the book dates back to pre-Mosaic or patriarchal from the second Millennium B.C. Studies that believe Job dates back to pre-Mosaic times because offering of sacrifices is by the head of the family rather than a priest, the mentioning of a qe sitah is a type of money which is during the time of Joshua, and the fact that
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