Job Requirements For Operation Manager

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Employment interview become an interactive and integral part of recruitment process that help companies and individuals to meet and choose the right person, right place. This report aimed at identify the interview structure and appraisal issues and analyse job requirements for operation manager in the case of Ateam Fashion Ltd, a leader in fashion designing and customizing fields. Besides, the key performance indicators for this position will be assessed to create the framework and guidance to improve their performance.
Operation manager recruitment description
Ateam Fashion Ltd, a leading merchandising fashion company in Australia that design and customize business costumes, casual clothes and accessories for adult and children. We currently have 90 stores in all states. Due to business growth, we are seeking an experienced Operation Manager to participate in Head Office in Sydney CBD. The Operation Manager shall be responsible for managing all areas of operations and finance in Ateam Fashion Ltd, from organising all planning and scheduling, on time delivery, product finish and QA, import and logistics, raw material management through to sales fulfilment.
Performance standards for operation manager: KPIs
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used by managers and leaders as essential navigation measures to recognize the possibility and degree of success because the appropriate use of these indicators assist in identify the areas that should be considered in…
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