Job Satisfaction Among Care Managers

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Problem Statement Arches (1991) defined job satisfaction as “an affective state describing feelings about one’s work.” Job satisfaction among care managers and explanation for their levels must be researched as when job satisfaction levels are low there are high levels of burnout and turnover (Arches, 1991). Studies have been performed that demonstrate that social workers that play the role of care managers often succumb to feelings of burnout. Arches (1991) defined as “to a cluster of physical, emotional, and interactional symptoms related to job stress and includes emotional exhaustion, a sense of lacking personal accomplishment, and depersonalization of clients.” A care manager that struggles with the effects of burnout may experiences physical symptoms including but not limited to headaches, fatigue, and recurring illness (Arches, 1991). They may also experience concurrent or separate emotional and mental symptoms including but not limited lack or inability to concentrate, insomnia, struggles with self-esteem and difficulty with relationships (Arches, 1991). A national study conducted by Barth, Lloyd, Christ, and et al., found that 33.8% child welfare workers as a group were found to rate their satisfaction between undecided and somewhat satisfied (2008). This level of satisfaction was concluded regardless of socio-economic and other demographic differences as well as other job related information (Barth, 2008). While the essentials of the role of care manager may…
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