Comcast Customer Satisfaction Essay

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Comcast is known as the top cable TV provider in the nation with the fastest internet speeds along. Even though Comcast has many great achievement and awards there were still business issues that had existed in the organization. In the past Comcast did receive some bad publicity in regards to their customer service as it impacted the customer experience. Every great company has went through many obstacles but it is all about how the organization overcomes those obstacles. The key towards success was not built over night but over time for a successful future. "Good introductory paragraph
Job Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction Good use of headings;

One of the business problems that has been identified by Comcast is providing a great customer experience. In the past Comcast struggled with customer experience due to the lack of customer satisfaction. Over the years the customer experience did improve but there were some road blocks still preventing Comcast from moving forward. In order to provide a great customer experience Comcast had to modify their strategic plan to improve customer satisfaction. In order to provide a great customer experience Comcast had to find the root cause of why customer satisfaction was still not at its targeted goal. After making many observations at their call-center locations it was discovered that job satisfaction was impacting customer satisfaction. If anyone ever worked in a call-center environment knows customer
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