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RUNNING HEADER: Job Satisfaction Team Paper Job Satisfaction Team Paper PSY428 June 21, 2010 Maria Cuddy-Casey Job Satisfaction Team Paper With today’s ever-changing, stressful environment individual job satisfaction is critical to the success of any organization. Today’s individuals are looking for more than a job; they are searching for a career that will challenge them, allowing them to grow and progress within the organization. They need a sense of accomplishment while allowing the flexibility to be creative. It is these employees who find satisfaction in their positions. They are more productive, efficient, and effective; contributing to success of the company. The purpose of this paper is to define job…show more content…
These employees are not only unhappy at work but also in their personal lives. An employer can do little to satisfy these employees. However, some employees are satisfied with their job and enjoy being at work. These employees tend to see situations in a positive manner, make work fun, and poses self-confidence. When employers recruit they try to gauge a person’s attitude as well as his or her technical skills. Health benefits and competitive salaries can also contribute to employee satisfaction. Promotional opportunities encourage employees to produce superior work it also provides them with an attainable goal. Management styles have changed and are geared more toward the employee’s needs. Some employees need independence in which others need guidance, and feedback on his or her performance. Flex work schedules are becoming more prevalent as people try to juggle work and family life. A workplace with high employee morale indicates a low stress environment. Toxic relationships between employees can have a negative effect on job satisfaction Impact of Organizational Socialization Organizational socialization has a major impact on employee job satisfaction. Researchers have determined new employees who have adapted positively to the organizational culture experience have increased productivity and performance. New employees experience several stages in the process of

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