Job Satisfaction Is A Concept That Encompasses A Variety Of Definitions Essay

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Job Satisfaction in Critical Care Nurses Job satisfaction is a concept that encompasses a variety of definitions. While this concept is a fairly simple idea, it consists of multiple factors that contribute to an employee’s feeling towards their employer. Examples of these factors include, but are not limited to autonomy in the work place, pay, interaction between nurse and physician, management styles, organizational behavior and change. Job satisfaction can also be defined at a cognitive level including an employee’s emotional feelings towards their position and employer. Six articles from the nursing discipline were used to help define job satisfaction and its various components. Two articles were used from the field of psychology to help define job satisfaction and its various components in relation to a field outside of nursing. While multiple tools have been used to measure job satisfaction in the separate fields, the main measurement tool of focus will be the McCloskey/Mueller Satisfaction Scale for nursing job satisfaction. A general consensus of the literature describes the definition of job satisfaction as the capacity for one to like, or take pleasure, in their job. The following paragraphs provide below a review of the literature on job satisfaction in critical care nursing and job satisfaction in other non-nursing related fields and their respective tools of measurement. Review of Literature This section listed below will provide an
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