Job Satisfaction Is Essential For A Positive Effect On Children

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Introduction The Early Child Development, preschool/daycare centers, and other childhood development programs have always struggled to keep and hold onto employees. A major goal in preschool/daycare centers is hiring well balanced employees with education, care and compassion for young children. Enthusiasm, caring, motivation, and attention to detail are normal requirements in their everyday jobs for the benefit of the children and the employers. Job satisfaction and trying to keep employees highly motivated and productive is a key factor in preschool/daycare centers. In a preschool/daycare setting, job satisfaction can be harder to find due to low wages, stress, lack of communication, misconceptions of details, and little or…show more content…
All preschool/daycare centers (non-profit or profit), and individual child caretakers that care for more than six children are all governed under federal regulations and mandated by state laws. Not complying with the Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing rules and regulations “the department of social services shall provide the license applicant with written notice regarding the findings as identified in subrule (1) of this rule as evidencing a lack of good moral character”. (MI, DHS (2009, pg.18)). 1.1 Background First Lutheran Preschool/Daycare began as a mission project to provide a Christian education for members of the First Lutheran Church. The preschool began in 1986, listed under “First Lutheran Preschool”. The preschool was only opened to members of the congregation and took on only four year olds and young fives that were not in kindergarten. There were two small classrooms within the church holding only two teachers and five (5) four year olds in the morning and six (6) four olds and two (2) five year olds in the afternoon. In 1989, the First Lutheran Preschool opened up the preschool program to kindergarten and 1st grade students with an average of twenty-five students. The preschool then averaged 12 students on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays in the morning session and 8 students on Tuesdays and Thursdays with 5 kindergarteners Monday thru Friday in the afternoon. In 1991, the school grew and
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