Job Satisfaction Is Something That Everyone Wants To Have

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Job satisfaction is something that everyone wants to have and rarely does to be honest. In the business world profits and looking out for one’s self are the main priorities. Why is this? What effect does this mentality have on the innovation within businesses? In this paper, we are going to look at how job satisfaction impacts innovation as well as how we as business men and women can prosper in times when there is no job satisfaction. In this research, we are going to look at different problems that can arise and create little to no job satisfaction and we also are going to look at way to combat those negatives things and implement positive resolutions. All too often a person rates their performance off the recognition they get from their…show more content…
(see JM George] Zhou, 2002). From the time of being a small child everyone wanted to be accepted and have their opinions matter. In my organization, a lot of times problems and issues are taking a face value and no real research is done. Because I am in an office full officers who think for whatever reason they have all the answers they tend to take the credit for everything that is good and put blame on everyone when things are bad. In these environments job satisfaction tends to be quite low and doesn’t really generate innovation as spoken about in my article. To put it into perspective for a someone my organization is the 1st Special Operations Air Operations Squadron at Hurlburt Field and we are new squadron that carries tremendous amount of responsibility when talking about the overall mission of the command AFSOC or Air Force Special Operation. Our squadron comprises of about 65-70 people ranging from E-3 to O-, all coming from different backgrounds different mentalities, but we are all a part of the same team. As with any military organization we all must follow the chain of command and when tasks are sent down the chain the guys at the bottom of the chain must complete those tasks this is where you really get a taste of how important job satisfaction. An example of this in real time takes me back to when I first got to my current organization. I was hand selected to be the Wing Unit deployment manager which was a huge task with a huge

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