Job Satisfaction

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Job Satisfaction
It is very important for an organization to maintain all employees’ job satisfaction especially in the service industry. By providing job satisfaction to all employees, it will help reduce problems and cut costs such as decreasing absenteeism rate of all staff, increase productivity level, lower turnover rates, saving up on training costs and also advertising costs for recruiting new employees. When employees are satisfied with their jobs, employees will retain and also stay loyal to the company. The cause of dissatisfied employees can be caused by following reasons: * No recognition from the company * Not happy with co-workers * Lack of training * Management style used by supervisors * Tool &
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Problem Statement * Communication Barriers : When employees face communication problems and no actions are taken to resolve the matter or no language class being conducted, employees will feel that they are complained for no specific reasons as they did not fully complete their duty by not fulfilling guests’ requests not because they did not want to but they did not understand the guests. Therefore, this will cause grievances and this might also lead them to resorting for another job. This will be a disadvantage for the hotel as even higher costs will be incurred when there is a high turnover rate in the hotel.

* Insufficient resources to complete tasks : A hotel should provide sufficient tools and resources in order for employees to run their daily routines no matter which departments they come from. If the employees face the same problems daily, they are most likely to feel annoyed and will cause issues between co-workers. This will cause hoarding of the towels. They will try to fully load up their trolleys enough to make up the number of room they are assigned as there are insufficient towels provided for all employees. Every employee will rush for the towels and might lead to arguments and dissatisfaction among themselves.

Analysis/ Discussion As communication breakdown have became a serious issue in the hotel, this problem must be resolved as soon as possible in order to

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