Job Satisfaction : Perfect Pizzeria Employees

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Job satisfaction is one of the main components of an organization’s success. In this case study, it is clear that Perfect Pizzeria employees are very dissatisfied with their work environment. The future of this company is at risk, and with the proper motivation influenced by leadership, it could be determined that employees are more likely to be motivated. If the employees perceive that their efforts will result in rewards and positive outcomes, Perfect Pizzeria will increase employee morale, profit and growth. The employee’s of Perfect Pizzeria have become de-motivated and is resulting in poor performance and job satisfaction. The business is quite basic; there is a store manager, an assistant manager, and a few managers for the night shift. It also has a head manager, which reports directly to the regional supervisor of the organization. Employee’s that work for this company have no formal training for their position, most are college students and a few are part-time high school student workers and are all being paid at minimum wage, with the exception of the manager, which is a full time employee. The manager is paid a fixed salary amount and receives an incentive monthly based on productivity. With this in mind, managers receive their bonus based on computed percentages that are also based on food and beverage cost. If the percentage of unsold food and beverages or if damaged products are low, the manager receives a bonus. On the other hand, if the

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