Job Satisfaction of Employees at Mcdonalds

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Chapter- 1: Introduction

1.1 Background

A report is something about a comment on specific considerable matter. Its says positive and negative on a particular subject and given proposals and suggestions for further improvement if the report is on Job satisfaction of employees of any renowned organization, it will be also an analysis on the Product and services of a renowned organization and overall employees satisfaction on the provided service by a world famous organization “Mcdonalds” is one of the leading fast food shop in the world, is very much dedicated for ensuring quality food service to it’s customers. This report is about the Job satisfaction of employees of Mcdonalds at Stansted Airport branch.

With 32 stores around the south
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When I informed to the employees to carry out this study, most of them reacted positively and expressed great interest. On the other hand some took it as a burden. The questionnaires were made and send to 30 employees of sample size but only 25 suitable responses were received. Method of sampling selected was simple random sampling.

During the survey, respondents were asked to react using a six step Likert scale of “disagree enormously,” “disagree moderately,” “disagree slightly,” “agree slightly,” “agree moderately,” and “agree enormously”. The Respondents were given approximately five days to complete their surveys. However, it was made clear to respondents that the results of the job satisfaction section of the survey would be used for this study. The entire survey questionnaires used are included as an appendix to this report.

1.7 Methods of Collecting Data:

This research has been prepared on the basis of data collected from both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources of data are mainly obtained from my selected organization Mcdonalds, Stansted Airport Branch as interview survey,observation and so on. I also got help more from our course instructor and some of my class-mates.

Primary: I have got the primary information through interview, questionaire, observation and discussion etc.

Secondary: I have got the secondary information through different booklet of Mcdonalds and Internet.

1.8 Limitations of study

Regarding data collection surveying,
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