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Job hunting 1. Look good on paper. It 's the person (i.e. the recruiter or hiring manager) who gets you the job, but it 's the resume/cv that gets us the interview. Therefore, I still need to polish my CV and update it.
Interview skills 1. SEARCHING FOR ROLES. Many jobs are filled before they are advertised. So I think it is important to use a range of different job searching techniques to increase my chances of gaining employment. It can show the employer that you want the job and interest in it
2. We have also learned a lot of skills in Professional Year Course like
•Practice Good Nonverbal Communication, like handshake and eye contacts and show confident.
•Dress for the Job or Company
•Use Appropriate Language
•How to think ,
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What Other Things do I need?
Area Target
Work and life
English As living in Australia, it is important to improve my English anytime for work and life.
Interpersonal As an accountant, I need to deal with clients and how to convince the client and make the client, your teammates trust you needs interpersonal skills.
Networking Networking is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any individual or organization!- Adam Small
Ultimately, it’s not about who you know ... but who knows you!!To succeed you must continually connect with new people, cultivate emerging relationships and leverage your network.
Develop the plan Develop a set of goals. They need to be specific and manageable. Divide them into short and long-term goals.
Short-term goals should be quick, simple and achievable activities to help you start, like joining a professional or industry association as a student member (CA,CPA) and going to networking events(career fair).
Long-term goals are my ultimate career goals - to become a business consultant and early retirement.
Act on the plan Start acting – don’t procrastinate!!! Try to break tasks in small and specified segments.
Review your plan over time Over time, things will change as well as my interests and values. I might choose different fields or industry. Therefore, I need to go through the career planning and review cycle.
1. Double major As accounting and finance is closely
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