Job Shadow Project Essay

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JOB SHADOW PROJECT | Course Code: MKTG 311 Company Profile The purpose of the report is to maximize the learning skills and use them in practical in everyday life. Sysco is one of the largest distributors of food and food related products and other products in North America. Sysco was founded by John Baugh in Houston in 1969 as a wholesale food distributor. The company went public in 1970. The company expanded their business every year adding more products, brands and become a huge company now. The company has 146 locations and 47,000 employees working to support their daily operations. Operating from distribution Centre in Mississauga, they are a full-time distributor of over 10,300 food service products. They…show more content…
* Hospitals and Nursing Homes (10%): Equipment Supplies, Room Accessories, Textiles to the lodging Industry. * Others Customers (16%) Amenities, Equipment Supplies, Room Accessories, Textiles to the lodging Industry, Fresh and Frozen Meat Products, Dairy Products, Poultry, Sea food Supplies, Beverages, Fresh and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, Canned and Dry products, Accessories, Paper and Disposables, Fresh Produce and Other Products Profile of the Sales Person The name of the Sales person is Shawn Meadows. He studied hotel and restaurant management in Stanford collage in Ontario. He works in Kelsey’s restaurant before he started working in Sysco. His responsibilities are scheduling appointments and visiting existing customers to review product needs and determining other opportunities. He keeps up to date on new products, services and procedures. He is working in Sysco from last 18 months. His job His main customers are independent restaurants in York and Peel regions in Toronto area. There are 120 other sales people working in his company. Sales charts for Sysco: Prospecting Methods Prospecting is a systematic process to identify
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