Job Sharing Pros And Cons

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Job Sharing Pros & Cons “Job sharing is a solution that might suit you if you feel you can 't leave your job uncovered for part of the week. If you 've ever toyed with the idea, you will realise that the sharing element of a job share is obviously key” (Deeble, pp. 22, 2003). Accordingly, the essence of this particular Session Long Project (SLP) is dedicated to the examination of job sharing. Hence, as insinuated by the subtitle of this segment of this assignment; this portion of the essay will contend with the perks and disadvantages of job sharing. Incidentally, prior to further deliberating over the pros and cons of job sharing. Let’s quickly, delineate this concept. Simply said, job sharing is deemed as a mutual division of the same type of workload amongst two laborers (Heathfield, n.d.). At any rate, let’s resume conferring over the advantages and disadvantages of this notion. Therefore, from an employer’s perspective there are several benefits to this conception. One asset is that management will receive two skill sets and two employees who possess a variety of experience. Subsequently, another benediction is that an organization will gain employees who are energized and are more able to concentrate on their work. In addition, there is uninterrupted workflow coverage for the position, in the case an employee decides to take a vacation. Lastly, the firm saves money on retention and recruitment costs due to a curtailed employee turnover ratio (Katepoo,
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