Job Specifics On Apache And Mysql

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Job Specifics  Known as Hard Skills  They are personal skills  Web Developer- Needs knowledge in HTML AND CSS Job specifics, also known as Hard Skills, are a variety of personal skills in which a single person posses to be able to obtain a certain job or to pass an obstacle in the workplace. These skills can vary and many jobs have many ‘Hard Skills’ that people NEED to be able to do the job. For example: • A web developer needs to have a high knowledge in HTML, CSS • And also be able to Image • Expert knowledge on Apache and MySQL • Degree in computer Engineer or a similar subject • Experienced in PHP Most or few jobs need workers who can image or code or use extended knowledge of HTML and CSS to develop and create a web page, These Jobs are all computer based and based in the IT area of work. Some of the skills needed are very hard to obtain and can take a lot of time to obtain for example an IT Tech may need to repair a computer by taking it apart, to have these skills you have to undergo many years of training including Diploma’s at collage or an apprenticeship, or even further University. To get the best job many people stay on to University to have a better chance of getting a higher paid job, some people can stay on to university until they are older than 20, just to obtain some skills for a job. An Web Developer needs to know how to image as it is a specific skill and is highly valued, they are valued heavily by employers as they have no need to waste time

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