Job Title : Real Estate Developer Owners

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REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER WANTED! JOB TITLE: REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER DEPARTMENT: MANAGEMENT GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION Real estate developers oversee the purchase existing or undeveloped residential, commercial or industrial real estate, make improvements to any buildings on it or construct new buildings, and sell or lease the improved land or buildings for profit. During the process of real estate development, developers are responsible for buying land, negotiating with zoning officials for the purpose of being granted permits, and managing the labor that builds a commercial or residential project, all while overseeing the budget and sales teams. MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES -Liaise with contractors, realtors, engineers, designers, municipal…show more content…
-Prepare appraisal reports, market forecasts, and statistical data and feasibility reports with the goal of fulfilling the expansion goals of a company. Many developers specialize in residential, commercial or industrial property development. -Be in charge of supervising supportive associates and sales agents. Consult with public officials, construction contractors, utility companies, community organizations and lenders. Real estate developers consider taxes, zoning, land use restrictions and
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