Jobs You'Ve Held Essay

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Jobs I've Held There are many decisions to make when searching for a career. Along the journey, I have held different positions at various companies and there are various leadership styles I have come across while working under different managers. My very first encounter with a manger was when I was doing my National Youth Service in my home country Nigeria. The National Youth Service is a compulsory one year scheme organized by my country. This one year scheme was created to avail graduates an opportunity to offer service to the government, and while doing so, also give back to the community. During my time in the N.Y.S.C scheme I worked with the Ogun State government of Nigeria as a library assistant with one of the governmental…show more content…
He was always very convincing in the sense that he made me understand that even though it seemed people were not interested in the product, there were people out there who were eager and ready to accept the services we offer. He made me know that the level of sales I could achieve in a day depended on how I package my company’s services to the customers. He was also someone we all adored and looked up to as a hero because we all wanted to attain the height he had achieved in the organization. He served as an ethical role model to most of us working with the firm. He was the kind of leader who was ready to make sacrifices to make sure his followers achieve their goals because our achieved goals also translated to goals achieved for him. On several different encounters, he would sacrifice his weekends which are usually his off days to be in the office if we had more accounts to work on. His leadership style inspired me as a follower to always put forth my best effort anytime I found myself on the field, and this translated to more profit for my organization which has today made the organization become a extremely successful. After my marketing stint with Cophild, I moved over to a multinational company which is known as Mobile Telecommunication Company (MTN). MTN Nigeria is part of the MTN Group. They are regarded as Africa’s leading cellular telecommunications company. MTN was the first Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) network to make a call in
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