Jobs and Economic Growth

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Table of Contents Introduction 1 Romney's Plan 1 Obama's Plan 2 The Media 3 Comparison 4 Conclusion 6 Introduction The candidates for the US Presidential election publish their policy platforms on their respective websites, and These platforms have also been subject to considerable discussion, debate and dissection by a variety of media sources. One of the most important elements to any election is that one should be an informed voter. However, the ways that the messages of the candidates are presented, not only by the media but by other, will affect our views of their platforms. As such, the ability to subject sources of information to critical analysis is an important skill when deciding which of the two main candidates will be best for the country. Romney's Plan The Romney campaign describes his plan as being based on the principles of "free enterprise, hard work, and innovation." The key highlights are the reduction of taxes, regulation and government programs. Other components include "increasing trade, energy production, human capital and labor flexibility." The details of the plan are also presented. Romney plans to reduce regulation on business by repealing a number of laws including Dodd-Frank, the Affordable Care Act and amending Sarbanes-Oxley. He will also curtail environmental laws. In addition, Romney plans to open new markets by pursuing free trade agreements and by taking a confrontational tone with China. His
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