Jobs in Travel and Tourism: Receptionist and Cabin Crew Essay

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M1 - Compare two jobs in the travel and tourism sector Jobs in the tourism sector are all different and all of them follow with different duties and responsibilities, in this assignment I will be comparing two different jobs in the tourism sector, I will be focusing on receptionist at a hotel and air cabin crew. To compare these jobs I will be focusing on their duties and responsibilities of both jobs, I will also compare entry requirements for receptionist and cabin crew and also if both jobs could progress what can they promote to and what is the difference and similarities in both. Being a receptionist at a hotel is completely different to a air cabin crew member, their job may involve several similar skills such as having good…show more content…
During a flight cabin crew staff will also have the responsibilities and duties of serving food and beverages to passengers, where as being a receptionist their role will not involve this responsibility as the hotel have separate section for this such as their restaurant where the guests can purchase their food or if wish to do so they can call for room service as well. However, the different in this will be that receptionist’s do not have a three stage routine as they shift will always be based at front of house and they will be carrying out the same work pattern at all times. It is a cabin crew’s responsibility to carry out a safety and emergencies procedure before the flight in order to make the passengers aware of what they can do during an emergency situation, also the cabin crew’s duty and responsibility will also involve them to ensure that the passengers are familiar with the procedures, where as a receptionist will not need to carry out this responsibility as guests will be provided with a safety and emergency guide in their room, however at some hotels the receptionist will tell their guests where to go during a fire and what to do when there is a emergency situation. A apart

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