Jodi Arias Trial Essay

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Analysis of the Homicide Trial of Jodi Arias By Robert Davis Professor Lauren Burke CCJS 100 6382 University of Maryland University College March 8, 2013 Robert Davis Professor Burke CCJS 100 March 8, 2013 Analysis of the Homicide Trial of Jodi Arias The criminal justice system ensures the safety and protection of society from criminal offenders. The process of the criminal justice system begins when a criminal offense is reported to law enforcement officials. If required, an investigation begins, leading to a warrant and arrest. Following the arrest, bail is set and a preliminary hearing is scheduled. If the defendant is indicted, a trial date is set. Providing the defendant does not waive the right to a jury trial, a…show more content…
Despite this evidence, Jodi denied murdering Travis; however, she admitted to being present at his residence the day of the murder. When she was questioned the first time, she stated to detectives that Travis was attacked by masked men as she looked on from a distance. As the trial began, Jodi offered a second defense, stating to the court that she killed Travis, but acted in self-defense after repeated abuse by the victim (Owens, 2013). The trial of Jodi Arias is still active and the prosecution is seeking the death penalty due to the heinous nature of the crime. Criminal Justice Process Jodi Arias was arrested in July of 2008 and charged with the first-degree murder of Travis Alexander. Prior to her arrest, detectives performed an investigation and questioned Arias. Ideally, the investigative process and questioning should be completed within the shortest time possible to avoid problems with witnesses and evidence alteration (Gerstenfeld, 2008). Once the investigation and questioning concluded, the defendant was arrested and charged. Shortly thereafter, the defendant would be reviewed for bail. In the case of Arias, bail was denied due to the heinous nature of the crime and in the interest of public safety. The next step in the criminal justice process that the defendant would experience is grand jury indictment or a preliminary hearing to establish probable cause. Prosecutors present evidence to a grand jury without the
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