Joe Cirillo Retrospective And 2016

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Joe Cirillo retrospective 1972 to 2008 and 2016: In 1972 I married Suzanne and divorced her in 1979. She moved to Boise Idaho with Anne and Sam stayed with me. In 1973 I launched Cooper Rand Corp, a direct mail marketing corporation with a partner Michael Harrison. One of the first companies to provide credit card companies with merchandise inserts for credit card billing statements, transforming this into a new advertising medium. From 1980 to 1986 we started to make substantial money reaching $49 million in sales. We sold the business and stayed on until we retired in 1994. In 1985 I bought a new three bedroom condo née NYC for $500,000 cash. In 1981 I realized that I was not qualified to raise Sam by myself and asked Suzanne if Sam…show more content…
I accomplished much of this by going to corporate conferences held by major brokers, meeting and listening to CEO’s and CFO’s. While invested in the market I designed and built residential homes for myself, which I sold and one commercial three story building with rental income and a penthouse, which I lived in until selling it in 1996. In 2000, without conscious awareness I made mistake number one. I built a dream home, an Italian farm house villa, which I designed for $1,500,000 with an $800,000 mortgage and sold it for $3,250,000. The reason for the large mortgage was to leverage my positions in the stock market, which many others were trending to at that time. The decision to build again was based on my success in making money in the stock market and a distorted and unrealistic perspective, without conscious awareness, that I would continue making money without my close advisors to say, not a good decisions. Part of this mistake was driving up debt, which I never had by borrowing against stocks and later would contribute to financial loss. 911 startled America in 2001, the Dow Jones rapidly declined from 11,500 to 8000 and NASDAQ from 5000 to 3,800. In 2002/03 the dot com bubble hit dragging the Dow to about 5000 and the Nasdaq to about 2,500. I was not prepared to deal with dramatic and rapid changes, as a long-term investor. In 2003 and 04 I decided that it

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