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Case Study 3 - Joe Doss February 3, 2016 Case Study 3 - Joe Doss I. Introduction This case study is about Joe Doss, a very technically inclined individual, working for Ajax. He has done such a good job on his research; he has been promoted to a supervisory position. Joe often works alone in his lab and keeps to himself, which has caused problems in his department. II. Problems In Joe Doss’ case, there are problems at the individual, departmental / supervisor, and organizational level. The problems are as follows: a. Individual level problems Joe has neglected his research team and their needs, to work on technical problems as they came along. Joe has failed to be a part of the group, and has isolated himself from…show more content…
The organization has experienced the escalation of commitment bias. This happens when a poor decision has been made. Instead of stopping or reversing the decision, the organization supports and pushes the decision further. There is also nothing in place to encourage team building (Greenberg, 2013, pp. 299, 318, 289). III. Recommendations There are several things that can be done to solve Joe’s problem. They are at the individual level, the departmental / supervisor level, and the organizational level. The recommendations are as follows: a. Individual level recommendations To solve Joe’s problem at the individual level, he could do more things to be a part of the group so they feel he is easier to approach and willing to be a part of the team. Joe could also take on more of a task-oriented role. The task-oriented role is, “the person wo, more than anyone else, helps the group reach its goals.” (Greenberg, 2013, p. 273) If Joe takes on such a role, he may influence other team members to be more willing to work as a group, in turn would make the more productive as a whole (Greenberg, 2013, pp. 273, 275). b. Departmental / Supervisor level problems The research department needs to do things to be able to work as a team. They could do things together outside of work as a group to build more of a friendship group instead of just a work group. If people get to know each other on a more informal level, they get along and tend to

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