Joe Doss 's Organizational Level Problems

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Introduction Joe Doss is a bright chemical engineering student that graduated with highest honors in the university and also completed a master degree. He often desires to do research in the lab and does it well. He does his job extremely well that got him promoted to be a supervisor for a newly research team. However, problems arise with his promotion to this new job. There seems to be a lack of attentions to his administrative duties that causes some concerns with his manager. Furthermore, Joe Doss seems to be oblivious of the situation and overlook his manager’s anxieties.
Organizational Level Problems The organization did not understand how to cultivate an employee to become an. Also, the organization tense to lose focus on the
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The supervisor did not have the initiating structure to help employee that just started the position. Furthermore, Joe’s supervisor overloads him with engineering tasks that he does not have time to manage a team. Often time, Joe is busy with his research and does not have time management competency to prioritize his tasks.
Individual Level Problems Joe Doss was not an authentic leader. He continues working on his research even after he was promoted to be a supervisor for a newly created team. He does not have task identity defined and also lack the verbal communication skills to help him communicate with his team. In addition, Joe does not have the emotional intelligence to understand what his team needs to perform their tasks. He believes that everyone is autocratic where no guidance is needed because everyone understands their roles in the organization. Another problem with Joe is that he does not have multiple domain of intelligence to expand his talents. His creativity lies in the research and developments area. He lacks the cognitive intelligence to distribute tasks among his team and does not have the big picture to carry out various tasks. Finally, Joe’s problem is that he made all the decision before he was promoted and fail to organize and distribute tasks which led to absenteeism in his team.
Organizational Recommendations The organization that Joe is working for needs to have decentralization where decisions
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