Joe Giudice In Prisons

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Joe Giudice has only been in prison for a few days and reports are already coming out that he is in trouble. He recently surrendered himself for a 41 month sentence. Radar Online shared that a prisoner is speaking out and saying that Joe showed up to jail intoxicated, but Joe's lawyer doesn't know anything about it if this is true. Giudice went to jail on March 23.

A source is revealing that Joe Giudice arrived to Fort Dix Correctional Institution "drunk and belligerent." Joe has admitted in the past to having a problem with alcohol. Now he will end up a changed man after having to stay away from it the entire time is in jail. Before Joe headed to prison, he allegedly drank with Teresa at home. Joe knew he would not be allowed a drink for
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Inside Joe Giudice’s Strict Prison Visitor Rules

— All About The Tea (@AllAboutTheTea_) March 31, 2016 The source went on to say that Joe and his handlers tried to clear up the situation by a stop at Starbucks on the way to jail, but it just didn't work out. Insiders even shared that this could cause Joe to get deported and maybe even before he is done with his time in jail. Joe's lawyer knows nothing about any of it though. Joe's attorney, Miles Feinstein shared his thoughts.

"If it’s true, it shocks me. If it's caused a maximum security designation, then it's going to be quite different for him than being in a lower tiered level of the federal prison system."

The thing is this story is totally different from one US Magazine shared a few days ago. They said that Joe actually got five months taken off of his prison sentence already. Joe is serving time for conspiracy and bankruptcy fraud. Giudice was sentenced to 41 months behind bars, but if you check out his release date it has now been moved up five months sooner. Joe should be getting out of jail March 14, 2019. That is a pretty long time to be away from his wife and girls. Teresa did give fans an update recently. Here is what she had to
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