Joe Is A Fifteen-Year-Old Boy Whom Is In The Process Of

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Joe is a fifteen-year-old boy whom is in the process of transitioning into the gender that he identifies. As of now, he is in the gender non-conforming stage of his transformation. “Should I use the women’s restroom? Should I use the men’s restroom? What if someone harasses or assaults me if I go in there? I just do not know what to do.” This could go through the mind of someone going through the non-passing phase of transitioning into a transgender individual. Lately, there has been heavy discussion on the rights of transgender individuals to use public facilities. These thoughts and conversations have been bubbling in the past few months since President Trump took office in January. Gender-neutral restrooms is a large topic discussed in…show more content…
This is not the case for everyone, which is a large issue in the world today. Gender identity is someone’s perception of the sex of another person. This is heavily discussed in our society today where gender binary and the population of the transgender community grows every day. People are born male and female and conform to the way they want to be whether it be masculine or feminine. (Wood, pg. 172-173). According to CNN, House Bill 2, also known as “The Bathroom Bill,” is a statewide policy that bans individuals from using bathrooms that do not coincide with their biological sex. In other words, a female who identifies as a male can only use a women’s restroom in public areas and vice versa. The bill may also pass legislation to state government, which would mean state laws prevent any local rulings. As of 2016, CNN has released statistics on states that have, do not have, and are completely against having gender-neutral restrooms. This is where the “gender neutral bathroom initiative” comes into play. The Gender Neutral Bathrooms Initiative is a project to ensure that every student can have a place where they feel safe using the bathroom. Many individuals are in the non-conforming stage of transitioning, making this an uncomfortable topic. People who define themselves as gender queer or gender nonconforming choose not to place

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