Joe Marelli. Psy 230¬¬ - Spring 2017 - Paper Assignment,

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Joe Marelli. PSY 230¬¬ - Spring 2017 - PAPER ASSIGNMENT, REVIEW OF ARTICLE #1 Article. Roberts, Tomi-Ann., Goldenberg, J.L., Power, Cathleen., Pyszczynski, Tom. (2002). “Feminine Protection”: The Effects of Menstruation on Attitudes Towards Women. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 26, 131–139. Research Question. This article sought to explore the societal relationship between women’s natural attachment to nature (by way of their reproductive characteristics) and its effect on not only others perception of them, but also the individual’s self-perception. The main hypothesis proposed in this study is directional. Furthermore, it questions if when either gender is prompted by something that reminds them of a women’s connection to…show more content…
3) Objectification of Women was conceptually defined as a means for one to conceal the biological perception of womens’ characteristics and replace it with sexual objectification. Operationally it was measured using a scale to rank 10 body attributes, either as physically competent or attractive, from most to least important. 4) Gender-schematicity was conceptually defined as how feminine or masculine an individual is. Operationally it was measured using a 5-point scale Personal Attributes Questionnaire. 5) Physical Distancing was conceptually defined as purposefully physically avoiding the individual strictly to evade their menstruation. Operationally it was measured using chi-square analysis to measure the number of chairs between the confederate and the research participant (Roberts et al., 2002, p. 134-135). There are two independent variable conditions: 1) involves the confederate fumbling through her purse and dropping a hair-clip between the 1st and 2nd questionnaires. 2) involves the confederate dropping a tampon instead of the hair-clip. Statistical Techniques. All forms of data collection used in this study were given as self-reported questionnaires (excluding the physical distancing test) then later measured using various statistical techniques. Some of the surveys given were compared to previous statistical research data that served as a comparison of average survey scores. Specifically, in this study,

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