Joe Sanchez Philosophy

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It was a great overall learning experience to listen to a great coach and athletic director Joe Sanchez. He brings experience and perfection to every district that he teaches in the mission area, from how he tends to carry himself as a athletic director. First of all I like that he explains to us how you persisted have to be in order to have a great coaching plan. He also stated that each one of us should have our own philosophy on how we should teach, because having a philosophy is a foundation to your coaching style and is a blue print of what you follow. He was so kind to hand us his philosophy that he goes by and it gives us a lot of feedback on what we can add to our philosophy. In addition to that, he also said that it is very important…show more content…
Class is something that you must educate your athletes whether you win or lose. He also said that a good coach is not about the records you might get, but it’s how you can impact someone life to be a better athlete, but most of all a better person in life. He also stated that a well coach is a prepared coach. He said that the not all talented teams win. The most prepared team wins games, and I thought that was brilliant because you have to put in the work inorder to get results, and i couldn’t disagree with his comment. Mr. Sanchez seems to have everything well organized and has the ability to answer any person question regarding physical education and how it would be best taught. Overall my experience hearing coach Sanchez gave me a broader view and made it easier for me to understand on how I should act as a teacher/ coach. It’s like the saying he said “Players do not care how much you know until they know how much you care” is something that stuck with me because at a point you’re going to have establish a professional relationship with all your students, but you’re going to want them to succeed in life, so you’re going to have to send them in the right path because you have to see your athletes and students you’re going to form a emotional bond and you’re going to want them become the best individual that possibly
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