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Joe Smithson established Joe’s Garage in 2005. He currently advertises in local newspapers and receives customer calls on his cell phone. He keeps his appointments organised on his smart phone as he is relatively comfortable using this type of device.
Joe 's Garage operates six days a week. Most repair jobs are booked Monday to Friday and most Warrant Of Fitness appointments are on Saturdays. When a customer calls or texts Joe to book an appointment, Joe will record in his journal the name and phone number of the customer, date and time of the appointment, as well as the services that the customer requires.
In addition, he has begun employing Luke, a student from a local university, to help with basic jobs two days per week. Luke was the one who suggested Joe needs a website to take orders and advertise online, as well as having a blog to help customers maintain their vehicles. Luke also thinks social media would be a good way to advertise to a wider range of customers. About 80% of the customers of Joe responded positively to the idea of online booking of services, so he decided to go ahead with setting up of the website.

1.Website Specification:
1.1 Goals of the site:
The basic objectives of the company/website are listed below:
• Sell products/services to potential customers
• Increase public awareness of company, its products and services
• Recruit potential employees
• Entertain customers when they wait at the garage physically while their automobiles is getting

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