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Introduction: John Forbes Nash Jr. was born June 13, 1928 he is an American mathematician who works in game theory and differential geometry. He shared the 1994 Nobel prize in Economics with two other game theorists, Reinhard Selten and John Harsanyi. He is best known in popular culture as the subject of the Hollywood movie, A Beautiful Mind, about his mathematical genius and his struggles with mental illness. Childhood/Adolence: On June 13, 1928, John Forbes Nash was born in the small Appalachian town of Bluefield, West Virginia, the son of John Nash Sr., an electrical engineer, and Virginia Martin, a teacher. At 12, he was carrying out scientific experiments in his room at home. John at a young age didn't like working with other…show more content…
The Putnam Mathematics Competition was not the only thing going badly for Nash. Although his mathematics professors heaped praise on him, his fellow students found him a very strange person. Physically he was strong and this saved him from being bullied, but his fellow students took delight in making fun of Nash who they saw as an awkward immature person displaying childish tantrums. He showed homosexual tendencies, climbing into bed with the other boys who reacted by making fun of the fact that he was attracted to boys and humiliated him. They played cruel pranks on him and he reacted by asking his fellow students to challenge him with mathematics problems. He ended up doing the homework of many of the students. When he graduated he had been ofered fellowships to enter as a graduate at either Harvard or Princeton. But he picked Princton because Princton seemed more intersested in getting him to go there. Adulthood: In September 1948 Nash entered Princeton where he showed an interest in a broad range of pure mathematics: topology, algebraic geometry, game theory and logic were his major interests but he did seem to have avoided attending lectures. His major accomplishment during his time at Princeton was to develop his theory of "Nash Equilibrium", which applied to Game Theory. Prior to his theory, it was thought that in game theory and competition, everyone fought for their own interests. He developed the idea that for each player in a game, there is an

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