Johann Dekalb: A Hero's Story

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Have you ever wondered why the name of your county is named DeKalb? What about your school or city? Have you ever thought that there might be a reason that it is called that? Johann DeKalb was a noble general in the Revolutionary War, and a legendary detective in the Seven Years’ War. His story is nothing short of a hero’s story. The great man he was, he did not die in vain. Johann DeKalb had many great achievements in his short-lived life. He helped out many, and he was a vital part in the Revolutionary War. Johann was originally a Brigadier General, but in 1777, he was promoted to a Major General in the Continental Army (Shulman). However, his heroic story in the military started years before that. DeKalb started out in the Seven Years’ War as a French secret agent. His assignment was to report to the French military how the colonists were feeling about the British ( He also told the …show more content…

Because he was an investigator, he helped the French figure out some information about the colonists and Britain. This also helped Ben Franklin understand what was going on. The fact that Ben Franklin knew was vital because he was part of the Continental Congress, which was the meeting when the members made an army to represent the thirteen colonies. It was also important that DeKalb fought in the Battle of Camden, as he was one of the best field commanders, if not the best. He and Horatio Gates led the Continental Army in the Battle of Camden, and they fought very, very fiercely. However, the event that happened next would be important enough to devastate the entire Continental Army. DeKalb’s horse was shot down, and he went down with the horse. Before DeKalb could even stand up, he was shot and bayoneted many times. Three days later, DeKalb was dead. This shocked the Continental Army, who would go on for the rest of the war without one of the best generals to ever set foot on United States

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