Johann Gensfleisch And The Movable Type Printing Press

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Johann Gensfleisch Johann Gensfleisch, or more commonly known as Johann Gutenberg, created the movable type printing press, by using existing technology. Not much is known about his family, but they have influenced his career. His father, Friele zum Gensfleisch, taught the young boy how to read which exposed his love for books as he grew up. Gutenberg pitied the fact that only wealthy people could afford to own books, so being inspired by his love of books, he decided to somehow create a printer that can print books much faster than a written book. He did his work in secret and experimented with different types; the wood types proved to be very messy and ineffective so he changed to the metal types, which were more effective. Another influence that impacted his career was the fact that he grew up as a blacksmith. To create a movable type printer, he needed to know how to use iron, and blacksmiths work with iron to repair or make things. His experience with using iron allowed him to be able to know how to construct one and be able to know how to use it. Not only did his family impact his career, his background did as well. He was a believed to be a Christian and wanted to spread God’s thoughts to as many people as he could. He believed it to be a spiritual mission for God and this was important because as quoted by, he said that “God suffers in multitude of souls whom His words cannot
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