Johann Hari's Plagiarism

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Plagiarism Summary Johann Hari, a veteran journalist for the Independent, a respected British newspaper periodical, was accused of plagiarism in 2011. Specifically, Hari was accused of using other writers' material in his articles without making reference to it. In his interviews with Gideon Levy and Hugo Chávez, Hari used quotes which had been given by those subjects to other journalists. Hari was suspended last year pending an inquiry by the publications former editor Andreas Whittam Smith. The findings of the inquiry were not made public but the newspaper reported in September 2011 that Hari admitted the plagiarism allegations and would attend a journalism training course before returning to the paper. However, Hari has since decided to not return to The Independent after beginning his retraining program. According to the publication's current editor Chris Blackhurst, "Johann genuinely believed he was doing nothing wrong. The fact that nobody complained, Johann did not believe he was doing anything wrong." Why do you think this person, who 'should have known better' decided to fake his/ her work? Regarding the reasons behind Johann Hari's plagiarism, there are two possibilities that jump out at me. The first possibility is that he was just trying to convey the interviewee's thoughts on a particular matter on which he forgot to ask the interviewee himself. After all, no one could actually deny that Hugo Chavez said those particular words. In addition, it does not

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